Mind Laboratory

‘THE PHACO LAB’ AND ‘The Mind Room’ professionals will be guiding you through the process of high-performance psychological training at GENEYE 2019.


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IVO FERREIRA RIOS will lead discussion groups using 3D video tools such as Ngenuity to spark discourse on important topics relating to actual decision making, forward planning and situational awareness.

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Founder of Ophthalmology University and creator of the “Mind Laboratory” concept, Ivo will travel all the way from Mexico City for this event, bringing with him his fresh approach to cataract surgical education.

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Let’s live with meaning

The Mind Room is a community of psychologists, wellbeing and performance specialists, mindfulness facilitators,

and other friendly and wise people. We’re here to help you find health, meaning and purpose.

Visit our website for more information: www.themindroom.com.au


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Dr Jo Mitchell

Co-founder, Clinical and Coaching Psychologist

Jo is a clinical psychologist working with people experiencing mental illness, burnout, or chronic stress. She combines her clinical experience with a PhD and expertise in wellbeing science - including coaching and positive psychology, ACT and mindfulness. Jo has a specialist interest in working with high performers, particularly in sport, medical and technology industries, to manage mental health, enhance wellbeing and navigate life and career transitions.

Jo’s 25+ year career has seen her working in amateur and professional sport, from AFL to orienteering, as well as a range of medical and allied health settings. She loves working on innovative and creative solutions for mental health and wellbeing issues in society. Jo led MindMax, a wellbeing and resilience digital project for AFL Players and funded by Movember Foundation. She is on the Board of Action for Happiness Australia, a charitable organisation taking action for a compassionate, kind and connected World.

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Ben Torrens-Witherow

Provisional Psychologist

Ben is a provisional psychologist completing his final placement as part of his Masters in Clinical Psychology at ACU. Ben enjoys drawing upon his background in psychology and teaching to address a range of adult and adolescent psychological needs including stress, anxiety, and depression; and school-related issues for younger clients.

Ben’s therapeutic approach to improve wellbeing and performance incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness; depending on his clients’ needs.