Next Generation Surgical Training

AT GENEYE, We innovate, experience and explore. We have fun!

GENEYE is the next generation of eye surgeons. 

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We devote time for unstructured and deliberate practice. We care for ourselves first, so that we can serve our patients better. 

We are a group of individuals who aspire to learn in  new and different ways. Ophthalmic Surgery is our game.  We range from medical students to the most advanced and experienced consultants. We aspire to improve. We identify with progress, access the latest technology, and invite the most compelling speakers. We improve through collaboration. We allow ourselves opportunities to learn from our mistakes in positive environments. 



Aspire to improve but can’t find the time? Sick of lectures and dull power-point slides? Can’t stay awake? Want to learn through doing, by immersion, by experience? YES? Then GENEYE is for you!

Future events will be listed here soon.





1 Parliament Place, East Melbourne



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Jacqueline Beltz, FRANZCO

Director of Training, Victorian Branch, RANZCO and Director of Advanced Cataract Fellowship, Ear + Eye, Jacqueline is the founder of GENEYE 2019. As the leader in virtual reality ophthalmic surgical education in Australia, she is committed to making a difference and to challenging the status quo.


Ivo Ferreira Rios, MD

Founder of Ophthalmology University and creator of the “Mind Laboratory” concept, Ivo will travel all the way from Mexico City for this event, bringing with him his fresh approach to cataract surgical education.

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Rahul Chakrabarti, FRANZCO

Chief Registrar, Ear + Eye 2018. Rahul is one of the most experienced virtual reality eye surgery trainers in Australia.

Danielle Buck, MBBS

Chief Registrar, Ear + Eye 2019. With an in depth knowledge of virtual reality and a wealth of recent experience teaching juniors, Dan knows how to get people started on these machines.

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Diane Webster, FRANZCO, PhD

With PhD in Surgical Assessment and having performed more than 30000 real life cataract surgeries, Di not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Training here on the dry lab simulation station, Di will take small groups through the ins and outs of different surgical challenges using real operating microscopes and microsurgical instruments.

Bernardo Soares, MD

Advanced Cataract Fellow, Ear + Eye 2018. Training students on EyeSi since the machines first arrived at RVEEH, Bernardo created one of the challenges to be performed at GENEYE. Can you improve on your highest score?

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Mohamed El Nahrawy, MD

Advanced Cataract Fellow, Ear + Eye 2019. With a world wide experience of cataract surgery and extremely high numbers, Mohamed will provide new insights and form an important part of faculty for GENEYE.